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GEDCOM 5.5 Definition of the GEDCOM 5.5 standard; also see PDF and WordPerfect versions; also see the Beta GEDCOM XML 6.0 standard. Also see Genealogical Data and XML and GEDCOM to DAML
Genealogy newsgroups alt.genealogy, soc.genealogy.britain, soc.genealogy.computing, soc.genealogy.ireland, or soc.genealogy.marketplace
Genealogy software CyndisList Software & Computers; Family Tree Maker; GEDCOM desktop viewer; GEDCOM to HTML; GEDCOM web viewer; GenSoftSB; Genealogical Software Report Card; Legacy Family Tree; Personal Ancestral File
Genealogy Tutorials Free tutorials from Brigham Young University & Genealogy Research Associates
Genealogy web sites;; Canadian Genealogy Centre; Canadian Genealogy & History;;;;;;; National Genealogical Society;; Woodhull document; Malcolm's sites: Genealogy & FamilyTreeMaker
Royalty links; Genealogy Source; Index of Monarchs
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